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do you
the S Pen?

Because you need more ways to express yourself and a little help when you're stuck. Because you're always on the go and you never know where the next big idea will come from. You only have to take out the S Pen and hover it above the screen for Air Command: your quick menu to creating GIFs, to translating words in images just like that. You can jot down notes without unlocking the screen wherever, whenever because the S Pen's now water and dust resistant. And with a simple press of the side button, it turns into an eraser. And they're just some of the reasons why.

Image of S Pen

A finer tip

With a tip that's so much thinner than before, the S Pen makes writing and drawing feel natural and effortless, so you're able to focus on the task at hand.

S Pen
Graphic illustration of a finer tip
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Galaxy Note7


The Galaxy Note7 S Pen is engineered to be smooth and precise. It writes so well that note-taking sessions, detailed annotations and the most creative works of art come easy. It's a pen that makes the switch between work and play as naturally as you do.

Previous Note Galaxy Note7
PEN TIP (mm) 1.6 compare 0.7
PRESSURE SENSOR (level) 2048 compare 4096
S Pen
Image showing S Pen feature
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Notes in one place

Every note, memo, every image you selected and annotated with the S Pen are now saved into one place: the Samsung Notes app. It's also where you'll find your S Pen files transferred from your old phone via the Smart Switch app. And with access to more brushes and the ability to mix colors, you can use the S Pen to draw and paint and share them directly to PEN.UP.


on the screen

No need to unlock your phone to jot down a note. Use the Screen-off Memo function to just take out the S Pen and start scribbling on the screen. If you need the note to be visible like a sticky note, pin it to your Always On Display screen and voila, there you have it.


Galaxy Note7 and S Pen showing Sreen-on Memo
Galaxy Note7 and S Pen showing Sreen-on Memo

Smart Select GIFs

For those times when words aren't enough, create your own GIF. Use the S Pen to select a section of a video and share them right away, either to just your friends or on social media. If it's a specific part of an image, text or web page, you can draw around the area you want and hit the share button. Just tap Smart Select from Air Command to begin.

*The attaching and viewing of GIFs may not be available on certain social media and messaging services. Even if attaching GIFs is possible, GIF size and length may be subject to change depending on the service.


Whether it's an incredibly extensive article or a very long image, Scroll Capture lets you save the entire piece as one file and add annotations, making life easier for everyone involved. It's as easy as pulling out the S Pen and selecting Scroll Capture from Screen Write in Air Command.

Image of Galaxy Note7 and S Pen showing scroll capture feature
Image of Galaxy Note7 and S Pen showing scroll capture feature
Image of Galaxy Note7 and S Pen showing scroll capture feature
Example of short scroll capture file
Example of short scroll capture file
Image of Galaxy Note7 and S Pen showing scroll capture feature

S Pen
in the air

Water resistant

Whether you're on the go or at the pool. Whenever you need to make a note or provide feedback. Take out the S Pen and get to work. Because with the Galaxy Note7, even the S Pen is water and dust resistant. SEE MORE

Image of Galaxy Note7 with water
Image of a hand holding Galaxy Note7 and S pen
Image of water
graphic illustration of waves